Vaccine Concierge

Korman Healthcare is pleased to announce our mobile Vaccine Clinic. If you have residents that would like to schedule a Clinic in your community, please follow the instructions below. Only one Clinic will be scheduled per community.

  1. Go to "Vaccine Concierge"
  2. Print the "Flu and Pneumonia Consent" form for each resident wanting a Vaccine.
  3. Covid Consents are separate and must be printed and completed if a Covid Vaccine is requested.
  4. Make complete packets for each resident to include the following
    1. Completed Vaccine Consent Form
    2. RX/Prescription (must be specified to which pneumonia vaccine requested)
    3. Face sheet with allergies
    4. Copies of the resident's insurance cards
  5. Once you have completed the packets, go to the website and "Request Vaccine Clinic" The QA team will contact you with further instructions and your Clinic date/time.
  6. The Pharmacy will offer the following Vaccines
    1. Flu Vaccine
    2. Pneumonia
    3. Covid

Korman Healthcare Pharmacy


Request Vaccine Clinic

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